Hello world!

Whew! Hello world. This is my introductory (and with some far stretched luck,  permanent) attempt at web logging.  I am  foremost excited to even have the ability to be able to voice my own personal views and thoughts on any subject that I choose to write  about and then  “paste” it to the world-wide web for all to see. This is such an important tool for both selfishly improving my own level of written competency and diction while simultaneously expressing a point of view that may be shared, exchanged or even argued for the better of all who read it (myself especially).   

As stated earlier, I am approaching the notion of the blog as a means of self-expression,  a virtual sounding board, and most importantly a place for me to learn from the community as a whole.  I have purposely NOT researched anyone else’s work to derive any prepackaged ideas about “how to” blog or for points of view on any topic I post about. That being said, any discontinuities or lapses in flow or form are of my own “learning experience”.  The views and opinions that I express hereafter are by no means concrete, binding or having any permanence in the real world. I am sincerely intending to connect to a certain mindset and make connections with similar minded folks and learn something from everyone that I encounter. I implore all of my readers (if any) to please leave a comment, corrective point-of-fact, or just an insight that I may have missed or trounced over.  Historically, I tend not to comment much on others work if I do not offer myself up to any criticisms, so this is my attempt at parity for those verbal exhortations that I am notorious for making.  

Aside from this freer structure of loosely associated ideas that I have deposited here, I will make a serious and concerted effort at formality and clarity in future installations. This writing was merely a quick way to introduce my intent and post something on my blog before any debilitating writer’s block sets in. In the coming days I will “flesh out” the page for ergonomics and ease of use.  I thank you for your time and reciprocity. -Cheers!  

A face only a mother could love.



  1. I am a simple person that would love to embark upon the enlightened teachings and delight myself in the rants and musings that your intricate mind can think of. Teach me oh great one!

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