Diff EQ: Integrating Factor Method

Here I try to lecture on how to solve a DE using the Integrating Factor method. I am still shaky at using my technology I think but I will get better over time and with repetition. I do commit some technical (verbal) slip ups during these things so bear with me until I get my stuff together…Remember the key to using the I.F. method is to always:
1.) Rewrite in standard form
2.) Identify and carefully calculate the integral (remember to bring over the sign of the P term)
3.) Multiply the I.F. through the entire DE
4.) Notice the LHS is really the derivative power rule of the integrating factor times the derived variable, then simplify the LHS and RHS of the equation
5.) Take the integral of both sides (don’t forget the C)
6.) algebraically isolate the derived variable and simplify accordingly.



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