Hello World pt.II

Hey everybody,

Just having recently been active again in maintaining my blog space, I have come to re-purpose my focus and define the scope of my postings. As I am a returning (for the first time) college student, I think it will be helpful for me to share  my scholastic experiences and attempt to tie them into my blogging. My new focus will be to post any academic interests that I come into that would be helpful to any readers of my space. I am going to school for Aerospace Engineering and sadly the majority of my postings in the future will be limited to Mathematics and physics. Not to say my other courses aren’t important, but I am somehow now fully involved in these science classes. For a majority of these  posts I will be aided by the use of my Livescribe smartpen to illustrate exactly what I am talking about. I know that wordpress does not fully work well with Livescribe but it can be done with little fuss. I am quickly learning to use this smartpen tool more smoothly and with practice and I soon hope to increase the complexity and content of my pencasts. Well, I hope you can all find use somewhere in my blog and as always feel free to comment and correct any missteps I may make along the way.


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