05/2012 Update

Well, As I stated in the preceding entry for “Current Happenings”,  I will be moving towards a more academic based content.  This is true as I will be promoting more Math and Physics posts to hopefully help anyone interested in learning either OR to help someone who is currently learning these topics but may want an alternative source for explanation. I am desperately trying to get back into the habit of being consistent with writing up these pencasts and trying to upload them in a timely manner. I have plenty of great and exciting topics to discuss and look forward to sending them out.

As a final request, If you happen to come across my blog and view any of my material, would you be so kind as to leave some feedback about your time spent. I want to collect some user data and analyze what I could be doing that will produce greater user results. I am currently using a software/hardware known as Livescribe which allows me to sync what I say and write while displaying the result on a piece of white “paper”. These lectures are a bit tougher for me to do because they involve some extemporaneous speaking skills but I think the result is better understood. I am really interested in the user accessibility experience of these lectures because they appear as a link to click on my blog (Livescribe is not fully supported on WordPress yet). I want to make sure I am not losing exposure due to a convoluted presentation style.

Lastly, any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated by me as I am deciding if I should use another host to present this information or just keep it as it is. Thanks again for reading.

-Keith C.


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