Chemistry: Using Charles Law (Algebraic Manipulation to Solve for A Variable)

Here we lightly discuss the chemistry concept of Charles’s Law. We solve a simple problem and focus on using a logical problem solving approach to answering these types of questions. We will also use this logical approach to check our answer and then verify it.


Differential Equations tutorial: Separation of Variables Technique

Below is my inaugural attempt at pencasting using my livescribe smart pen. I have recently finished the aforementioned mathematics course in which I have used this pen for all lecture notes from the class. The pen is simply amazing as a tool to maintain both the lecture and written notes in sync with each other (which can be very helpful in academic or business settings).  I hope those who are in need of this lecture find it useful if not fully enlightening,  and for those who are interested in a review about the pen, I may prepare a review of my experience with it soon.

Sadly I recently found out that WordPress will not support pencast files (not cool) so please forgive the added inconvenience of having to click a link.