Dimensional Analysis: Going from meters per second to here and now

Here, we will first laugh at my attempts to add levity to a dull title like Dimensional Analysis. I realize my”edgy” title giving abilities leave something to be desired and will be kept to a minimum. Anyway, on a more useful note, we will discuss the ideas needed to navigate a word problem using the idea of related rates or ratios that are multiplied as factors to render an appropriate answer. The main idea is to understand what is asked of you in the problem and then use your own cunning to to find related data that articulates (or dis-articulates) a given problem and its native unit format to an intelligible solution.


Here is an awesome opportunity for anyone to view some of the best made Mathematics instructional material ever made!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you former M.I.T. / Bunker Hill professor, Herbert Gross!!!

OpenFiction [Blog]

In what has to be my runaway new favorite on the site, we’ve just released Calculus Revisited, a series of videos by MIT professor Herb Gross. Now you can learn calculus old school—literally!

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Differential Equations tutorial: Separation of Variables Technique

Below is my inaugural attempt at pencasting using my livescribe smart pen. I have recently finished the aforementioned mathematics course in which I have used this pen for all lecture notes from the class. The pen is simply amazing as a tool to maintain both the lecture and written notes in sync with each other (which can be very helpful in academic or business settings).  I hope those who are in need of this lecture find it useful if not fully enlightening,  and for those who are interested in a review about the pen, I may prepare a review of my experience with it soon.

Sadly I recently found out that WordPress will not support pencast files (not cool) so please forgive the added inconvenience of having to click a link.