Vectors Pt. 6(b.): Resultant Velocities Word Problem

Hello all,

Here we will look into a word problem that requires us to find a new velocity based on a few stated criteria. This W.P. (word problem) is an idealized situation and does not contain all of the real world factors for solving but we can still see some useful data. As always If you need any clarifications or see any mistakes please correct me.


Pt. 6(a) Vector Applications Continued

Here we continue our work on Vector applications. We will use some given information to derive a velocity (resultant speed) and some direction angle for this given problem. This answer will be formulated using the i and j component form.

Pt. 6(a) Vectors: Vector Applications

Here I solve a Resultant Vector problem where there are 2 forces acting on an object. This is part 1 of a 2 part lecture on popular uses for vectors in problem solving and to show how to calculate the combined force exerted on an object under ideal conditions.