Trigonometry Basics…..Basic Basics

Here we will go over the fundamental components involved in basic Trigonometry.  We will look at the Right Triangle and the Unit Circle and note how they interplay into the concepts of this discipline. We also see how the circular functions  are involved these concepts and also what “makes up” these six functions.

Calculus I: Trigonometric Limits and Their Properties

Here we will cover some basic rules and ideas involving limits that use trigonometric terms. I will give the six basic limit forms and also detail two special cases that are useful. The major note to make here is that it is important to know a good deal about each trig function in regards to its range, domain,  and behavior. Knowledge in these areas are key to easily negotiating these situation and in calculus itself. I intend on producing a few trig-only tutorials that cover this basic information. As always enjoy!