Trigonometry Basics…..Basic Basics

Here we will go over the fundamental components involved in basic Trigonometry.  We will look at the Right Triangle and the Unit Circle and note how they interplay into the concepts of this discipline. We also see how the circular functions  are involved these concepts and also what “makes up” these six functions.


Pt. 3 Working Backwards: Finding a Vector Given Magnitude and Direction Angle


In the third part of this lecture, we will be culminating our new-found knowledge to  derive a 2d Vector given only the magnitude and direction in word problem form. To be able to answer these style of questions there will be some instruction provided that goes “in detail” about the component make up of a Vector. I will explain the component parts (x,y) and their associated meanings. This will give a clear and intuitive understanding of how to provide a logical answer when faced with a similar question (usually in a Physics setting).